Based at the Department of Political Science and Public Administration, Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey, Political Theory and Innovation Network (Politika Teorisi ve İnovasyon Ağı - POLITEIA) is a network of scholars, students, artists and professionals from a broad variety of fields to encourage interdisciplinary research and innovative teaching in the field of political theory and practice. POLITEIA represents an interdisciplinary hub of interaction for academics and students across the world to facilitate an open forum for the circulation of critical, interpretative and innovative ideas and practices for the advancement of diversity, mutual understanding and cooperation. 



POLITEIA Lab, located at the Department of Political Science and Public Administration, Hacettepe University provides scholars and students with a free platform for joint research and innovation in the field of political theory and practice. POLITEIA Lab relies on a vast spectrum of collaborative events, activities and publication projects with an interdisciplinary focus on humanities and social sciences.  



Allagma, the double-blind peer-reviewed journal of the POLITEIA, is scheduled to be published in four annual issues, in English and Turkish from 2019 onwards. Special issues will be devoted to particular themes in political theory. Further information regarding the journal will be available here soon.   



POLITEIA organizes international gatherings, thematic workshops and ateliers bringing together students and scholars across the world to discuss research in the field of political theory with a large spectrum of issues in humanities and social sciences. In order to reach the schedule of the upcoming gatherings please visit the Events page.


Reading Groups and Micro-Film Sessions

Jointly organized with the Society for Political Theory (Politika Teorisi Topluluğu) at Hacettepe University, POLITEIA initiates reading groups and micro-film sessions relevant with political theory. Reading groups and micro-film sessions aim to structure and facilitate constructive, interpretative and critical discussions. The schedule of the reading groups and the micro-film sessions and the list of moderators are announced in the Events page.   


Summer/Winter Schools

In cooperation with partner institutions and research units collaborating under the Consortium for Research in Political Theory (CRIPT), POLITEIA contributes to the joint organization process of the establishment of the Summer and Winter Schools in Political Theory and Practice which are expected to offer cutting-edge courses in a vast spectrum of topics in humanities and social sciences. 



In order to promote young scholars engaged in research in political theory and practice, POLITEIA will initiate the Young Scholar Award in Political Theory and Innovation from 2019 onwards. The recipient of the award will be participating to the Award Session of the Annual Meeting of the POLITEIA which will compromise a specific session dedicated to the submitted manuscript. The winning manuscript will be published in the academic journal of the Network, Allagma.   



From 2019 onwards, POLITEIA will effectuate a fellowship program structured to provide a significant focus on the academic and intellectual development of its fellows. POLITEIA fellowship program is designed to support undergraduate and graduate studies, and promotes research and training opportunities for fellows to further explore the field of political theory.


Political Theory and Innovation Network [Politika Teorisi ve İnovasyon Ağı (POLITEIA)]

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